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Temperament, the Harmonic Series, and You:
Why do people talk about all those different temperaments? Why can’t everyone just play “in tune”? What does it even mean to play “in tune”? Musicians and theorists have grappled with these questions for centuries. It sounds like an esoteric topic, but all of these questions come back to something we call the Harmonic Series. It’s a fundamental part of how sound works and how musical instruments work, and understanding it better really can help you improve your own playing!

In the introductory session (Jan. 3, 2021, 4:30-6 PM EST), we’ll take a look at the harmonic series and its implications for musicians, and demystify why all those different historical temperaments exist, without getting lost in the mathematical weeds!

In the Tuning Exercises session (Jan. 10, 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM EST), we’ll put these concepts into practice and go over a series of exercises to help you hear your own intonation and get better at improving it in the context of a piece of music. These exercises are most tailored toward recorder players, but are useful for any instrument where the pitch isn’t fixed (as on a keyboard or fretted stringed instrument).

Playing for English Country Dancing, co-lead with Karen Axelrod TBD

Video Replays of Previous topics:

Memorizing Music
Think memorizing music is a special talent that you just don’t have? Think you can’t do it anymore, now that you’re no longer 15? Feel like you mostly know your music, but you can’t quite get away from the page and you’re likely to forget it all under pressure? Think again!

Learning to memorize more effectively can help you internalize your music better, play more musically, and feel more confident when it comes time to perform. In most musical traditions and throughout much of musical history, memory has been a crucial skill in which every musician was expected to be proficient. If they could do it, you can do it!

1. Introductory Presentation Video Replay

In this lecture I discuss our various kinds of memory, and what we can learn from other ways people train their memory. We’ll discuss the benefits of memorizing your music; how to get started doing it; reasons why some music is harder or easier to memorize; circumstances that make memorization easier or harder, and what you can do about them.
And we’ll go over ways you can practice memorizing your music that help make it stick – whether it’s a new piece you’re just starting to work on or a piece you’ve been practicing for years.

2. Memorization exercises workshop Video Replay
In this 2-part workshop, we’ll do a variety of exercises to illustrate the concepts from the lecture and give you some concrete practice exercises and things you can apply to pieces you’re working on. The two parts of this workshop are spaced a week apart to give you some practice time in between (don’t worry, it won’t take too much time!). We’ll also have more opportunity for questions, discussion, and follow-up on the previous week’s exercises. Registration for this session includes the video replay of the Introductory lecture.