Online workshops coming up: Filling in your music theory gaps! This series is all about the practical nuts and bolts of music theory that you may have missed. I’m presenting this as five workshops each on a specific topic, Sundays at 5PM EST from February 7 through March 7. Sign up here!

The pandemic makes many things impossible, but I’ve been doing what I can online. Check out my YouTube channel for more!

I was originally scheduled to perform for the SoHIP summer concert series, but this year everything is online instead of in person. So instead, here is a virtual concert from my living room, premiering on July 29th:

Program and notes are here as a PDF or here on this page.

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My recent album, Songs from Home, is now available! This is a variety of music for recorder and harp guitar, a collaboration with my father Michael O’Brien. You can order it as a CD or as a download right here. Enjoy!

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