Join me on Wednesday, July 28th at 8PM for the premiere of my virtual concert for the Society for Historically Informed Performance concert series!

Six Recorders

Online workshops: Stay tuned for new offerings in the fall!
In the meantime, all previous online workshops are still available for download, so you can participate any time.

Think you have to be born with a special talent to play music that isn’t on the page? Think again! Just like learning to read between the lines or draw pictures of imaginary objects, anyone can learn to play notes that aren’t on the page.

“Improvisation” sounds like a huge, intimidating thing to attack head on if you don’t think of yourself as an improviser. So in this series, we’ll break it down systematically and focus each class on a specific aspect of making stuff up.

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The pandemic makes many things impossible, but I’ve been doing what I can online. Check out my YouTube channel for more!

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My recent album, Songs from Home, is now available! This is a variety of music for recorder and harp guitar, a collaboration with my father Michael O’Brien. You can order it as a CD or as a download right here. Enjoy!

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