Virtual Summer Concert for the SoHIP series

Plague music: Playing ensembles with myself in the age of social distancing, and other things from my YouTube channel.

Selections from “Songs from Home

Selections from “Fantasies for a Modern Recorder“:

Making music with my dad:

“Prelude en D” from l’Art de Preluder by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre (1674-1763):

“Amarilli, mia bella” by Jacob van Eyck (1589-1657):

“Canzona Passaggiata” by Angelo Notari (1566-1663)”

“Divisions on “Frais et Gaillard” by Girolamo Dalla Casa (c.1543-1601):

“Recercada Tercera sobre [Doulce Memoire]” by Diego Ortiz (c. 1510-c. 1570)

“Pan” by Daniel Kaiser for Recorder and Guitar. With Guitarist Noel Contreras, recorded live in Karlsruhe, Germany.