Virtual Summer Concert:

Bach’s organ triosonatas for one recorder player!

Like last year, I’ve put together a virtual presentation for SoHIP’s summer concert series.

The organ trio sonatas of J.S. Bach are intimate, thrilling, sublime, touching, and uplifting. While they are brilliantly polyphonic, they are ultimately conceived for just a single player to perform on the organ. The recorder is capable of expressive subtleties of articulation and shaping tones that an organ is not, but a lone recorder player cannot hope to cover all three parts at once–or can she?

OK, I can’t cover them all at the same time. But through the magic of technology, I can cover them all consecutively and put them together. I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with different keys and combinations of recorders for this project – doubling bass lines or even all the parts in octaves, etc. I hope you enjoy!

The video will premiere on Wednesday, July 28th at 8PM Eastern via Youtube, Facebook, and SoHIP’s own home page.

For more information about SoHIP and the rest of their amazing virtual season, check out

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